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Is believed to have wined & dined three women on the same night at the same time at different restaurants in Parkhurst and none of them realised it!
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Ultimate Braai Master Episode 11 Preview

The final five teams travel from the Natal Midlands to the Golden Gate National Park on the edge of the Maluti Mountains. After Coal Shoulder won the fast-forward in the previous challenge, they get to sit back while the other teams face each other for a spot in the twelfth leg of The Ultimate Braai…

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Gurnard Nicoise Recipe | Brad Ball | Bistro Sixteen82

Brad Ball visited the Expresso Show studios and plated up with this Gurnard Nicoise Recipe Gurnard is a fish very similar to Kingklip but one which is on the SASII green list. Brad Ball is the executive chef at Cape Town’s Bistro Sixteen82 restaurant. Gunard Nicoise Recipe | Brad Ball Serving: 2 | Prep: 15…

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Red Velvet Cupcake Recipe | Stephanie Jawroski

A Red Velvet Cupcake recipe to beat them all by Stephanie Jaworski. The Red Velvet cupcake is without doubt the Queen of all cakes. It turns heads as it’s paraded into a room. People gasp in awe as it is carried past them to the table. Conversations pause for a moment as eyes feast on…

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Has the cupcake project gone a step too far? Turkey Cupcake Stuffing!

Don’t ask us what it tastes like, we don’t know but are willing to try. Are you? The Cupcake Project was sniffing around for Thanksgiving cupcake ideas and have come up with this gem, Turkey Cupcake Stuffing. It looks as though it could work, they say that the cranberry cupcakes absorb the turkey drippings quite…

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There is a new art form around and it’s called Cerealism [photo's]

In today’s mad morning rush do you ever sit back and take a look at your cereal from another rather abstract angle? Photographer Ernie Button did and the net result is an art form called “cerealism”. Ernie has been building his collection of cereal-scapes over the past 10 years When I started I really didn’t know that I…

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Stoned Olives get torn apart in the Shark Tank

It was Curry Time on Ultimate Braai Master and then off to the Shark Tank where the Stoned Olives were unable to make it out alive! After learning the art of making a good crab curry recipe, three teams were sent to face the elimination challenge. Stoned Olives, Rust ‘n Dust and Gal Power were…

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Spice and Herb Brined Turkey Recipe | Curtis Stone

This is an absolutely brilliant Christmas Turkey recipe from Curtis Stone, taking the best of the best from the American’s in delivering a juicy bird to your Christmas table. It may take a bit of prep work but it will be well worth it when the family sits down to a very juicy bird on…

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The World’s Most inefficient popcorn machine, pops them individually [video]

Students at University of Art and Design Lausanne/ECAL in Switzerland have invented a popcorn machine that focuses on quality and not quantity. The “Oncle Sam,” pops each kernel of corn individually with a tea-light candle heating up one cup of oil while the individual kernels are salted one by one with a miniature salt shaker. This contraption features as…