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Is believed to have wined & dined three women on the same night at the same time at different restaurants in Parkhurst and none of them realised it!
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Prawns with Garlic and White Wine Sauce Recipe

A very easy prawns recipe with a garlic and white wine sauce by the Aussie Griller. Prawns are very easy and quick to cook, all you need to do to add some flavour is to rustle up a little sauce. Butter is a perfect base for any sauce for prawns, you could also add a…

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How to remove the skin from a fillet of fish with Curtis Stone

In preparation for the big day Curtis Stone shows you how to remove the skin from a fillet of fish. Curtis is using salmon in this example but the same principle applies for all. Lay the fillet flat on the board and starting at the tail cut down to the blood line and the work…

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Easy Aromatic Roast Chicken Recipe | Curtis Stone

This is a very simple roast chicken recipe from Curtis Stone but then what roast chicken recipe isn’t? Very basically grab a whole bunch of vegetables, most common are onions, celery and carrots. You can also use garlic, lemons or limes and a variety of herbs, rosemary and sage often work best. Chop them up…

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How to carve a turkey with Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone shows us how to carve a turkey. He shows us the traditional way of carving the turkey at the table and a second method which takes place in the kitchen before serving. Firstly make sure you have a sharp knife and use long strokes while holding the turkey firmly in place with a…

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The Making of the MasterChef SA Cookbook [video]

Food photography and the compilation of a cookbook is a very precise process. All the recipes have to be tested, adjusted where necessary and photographed. This video gives you a little insight into the process. To get your copy of the MasterChef SA Cookbook, click here!

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Tandoori Spiced Drumsticks Recipe with Raita | Curtis Stone

This is an easy Tandoori Spiced Chicken Drumstick Recipe with a quick little Raita Recipe thrown in for good measure. Perfect for a weekday mature family meal, very easy to put together and is essentially a one pot dish. Tandoori Spiced Chicken Drumstick and Raita Recipe | Curtis Stone Serving: 4 | Prep: 30 min…

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The Test Kitchen and the Woodstock Revival

It was Time Magazine that said November 24, 2010, was the day that Woodstock officially became “Cape Town’s hottest district…when Luke Dale-Roberts opened The Test Kitchen there.” Luke Dale Roberts had spent several years turning La Colombe into an internationally recognized restaurant. When it was time to leave he said he chose The Old Biscuit Mill as he…

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Wine Ice Cream, what a cool idea!

Sometimes you have to wonder why it took so long and Wine Ice Cream is a perfect case in point. It was in 1988 that a Mars Bar became an ice cream and the world woke up to the world of brand extensions into non traditional categories. The world pretty much changed that day and brands find…