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Is believed to have wined & dined three women on the same night at the same time at different restaurants in Parkhurst and none of them realised it!
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Sun triggers vodka fire at liquor store

Sunlight coming in through the windows of Red Lion Liquors was magnified as is passed through the clear bottles of Karkov Vodka which essentially acted like a magnifying glass. The heat was so intensely focused on the cardboard display behind the vodka that it eventually caught fire. The heat from the flames forced the vodka bottle tops to fly off and as the…

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A candy tarantula to cure you of your arachnophobia

Cake-maker Cecilia Chalmers was commissioned to make the edible arachnid as a centre piece for a horror-themed party. Commission by Tyrone and Claire Jacques their was a deeper meaning to the request in that they hoped in would cure Tyrone of his fear of… spiders! The tarantula is made entirely from sugar paste and too one month…

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The Smiling Meatball, courtesy of KFC China.

I’m not a big fan of food that’s smiling at me when I’m about to eat it. They don’t seem to mind in China though. KFC over there have this offering going for what appears to be 16 Yuan. What’s your feeling about eating food that’s smiling at you?

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Face Mug with Doughnut Holder

So you’ve got your morning coffee and doughnut except your table is covered with important papers and no where to plonk down your doughnut.   Never fear an answer is near in the shape of the face mug doughnut holder. Available for $18 from uncommongoods Via Foodbeast 

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Dinner Divas Round Four – Thuli Gogela vs Janice Tripepi

Italian Mama Janice Tripepi cooks off against African Mama Thuli Gogela Ethnic cuisine at its best as two passionate bloggers cook their complex, long menus from the heart. The judges have mixed opinions ranging from swoon to gloom. One blogger leaves the show while the other starts to plan her semi final menu. Thuli Gogela…

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The Louis Vuitton Waffle Maker

Say goodbye to the handbags and impress your girlfriends with a Louis Vuitton Waffle maker. Californian artist Andrew Lewicki has designed the worlds fist (we believe), Louis Vuitton waffle maker. The designer cookware is made with a Teflon-coated aluminium  enamel on aluminium sheeting, and generic waffle-maker parts. Due to it being a work of art it is not commercially…

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Freeze your herbs in an ice tray

Ramshackle Glam recommends freezing your herbs with olive oil in an ice tray. This is the best way to look after your herbs and keep them a lot longer than the current 4-5 days you are getting out of them by keeping them in the fridge. Simply chop them up, add a little oil and…

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A new superhero is in town! The Pumpkin Thing!

Americans go all out when it comes to Halloween! Take this Fantastic Four “Thing” for example. Standing at 6’4″, buit on a wood and chicken wire frame, this pumpkin version of The Thing dominates every other pumpkin around. It is the creation of Reddit’s wizardtig, who used 11 pumpkins to put it all together. I wouldn’t…