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Ultimate Braai Master

Stoned Olives get torn apart in the Shark Tank

It was Curry Time on Ultimate Braai Master and then off to the Shark Tank where the Stoned Olives were unable to make it out alive!

After learning the art of making a good crab curry recipe, three teams were sent to face the elimination challenge.

Stoned Olives, Rust ‘n Dust and Gal Power were the teams to head off to Kings Park for the Boerewors elimination challenge.



Their challenge was to make 40kgs of boerwors, braai it and sell boerewors rolls to the Sharks faithful at Kings Park, home to the bridesmaids of Super Rugby.

Each team had a braai station and had one hour to braai and sell the wors. The team that raised the most money for charity would gain immunity and that honour went to Rust ‘n Dust.

That left Girl Power and the Stoned Olives to face the judges who would be evaluating the boerewors that the teams made.


It was a tough decision to make as all the boerewors was fantastic.

Marthinus Ferreira said, “Over all your boerewors were fantastic, very very tasty, great well flavoured. It was a very tough decision today.”

Bertus Basson really enjoyed the chakalaka version from Gal Power and that seemed to spell the end for Ronel and Billy.

Someone had to go home and that was the Stoned Olives, which is unfortunate as we had expected to see a lot more from them on the show.

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