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If you don’t want to share your food follow this cats example and sit on it!

This must be the sneakiest cat I have ever seen. Not wanting to share the food it has found in the pan it goes to extreme measures to protect its hoard! Talk about keeping dinner warm…

watermelon-record-21-30 0

Man slices up Watermelon in 21 seconds

Despite having 30 seconds available this guy slices and dices his watermelon in 21 seconds. If you are going to try this at home (and we recommend that you don’t) please be aware that he is wearing safety cut resistant gloves used for protection.

labeerdor-retreiver 0

Every man should have one, the Labeerdor Retriever!

The bond between a man and is dog is generally quite strong and having the ability to fetch ones masters beer only makes that bond even stronger and highly viewable on the internet. Introducing a new breed of super good dogs, the Labeerdor Retrievers. What does your dog fetch for you other than dead rats…


Hitler blows his top when he hears about the horsemeat scandal.

Adolf Hitler was, believe it or not, a vegetarian and had developed a secret plan to convert all of Europe to vegetarianism by secretly replacing the meat in beef burgers with tofu. You can imagine his horror as these chaps did when he found out that horse meat had been used instead. Read More: Donkey Meat…

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Valentines Day Chocolates with your face moulded onto them

Fab Cafe restaurant in Tokyo, Japan has a very special Valentine Day gift idea, chocolates in your image. The restaurant is using computer technology to scan faces and make a silicon mould into which they deposit the chocolate to create custom made chocolate truffles in your image. While the idea sounds fantastic the results are a little less than…

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Tom Selleck cakes, perfect birthday ideas for obsessed Moms!

For those of you out there who still have a crush on the young Tom Selleck from his Magnum PI days, send this on to your children as a hint for your next birthday cake. It is a sad reminder as to exactly how old you are if pictures of a young Tom Selleck still…


Invisible driver Drive Thru prank

The Magician Prankster created a fake drivers seat in which he could hide as he drove up to the Drive Thru window to collect his order. Naturally you get a variety of different reactions from those ready to hand over dinner. One even decided to take a photograph although we do wonder why.


How to Season Food Like a 9-Year-Old

Foodbeast, the crowd who brought us how to eat a cupcake like a gentleman, is at it again and this time they’re showing us how to season our food like a 9 year old. I’m not to sure about this one although one of my favourite sandwiches is a few thick wedges of cheddar cheese with salt…


I’m not a vendor, I’m a Zulu!

Understanding one another is a very difficult challenge in South Africa, with eleven official languages and even more tribes we sometimes misunderstand one another. Pretty much like this SA Idols audition hopeful a couple of years ago. He earns a living selling sweets, cigarettes and beer, what Gareth Cliff rightly pointed out was a vendor.…


David’s Pizza Ad too weird for words

The work of self titled “flim maker extraodinaire” comedian Vincent Gargiulo David’s Pizza Ad is a very retro 80′s take on pizza At first we were going to give this a skip but a couple hours after watching it the infernal jingle was still running through our heads, so then we realised it was time…


Zombie Drive Through Prank [video]

Comedian Ed Bassmaster set about terrifying local drive through staff with some excellent make up work and a camera to make sure he got it all uploaded onto You Tube. Its amazing how easily people can still be shocked, given that they know it’s Halloween… and all. Source: edbassmaster