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Coal Play hit top form once again along with Good Better Braai, Smoke Sweat and Tears.

Coal Play, along with Good Better Braai and Smoke Sweat & Tears blazed a trail in the Gourmet Burger and Boerewors challenge on Ultimate Braai Master. It was a very strong team admirably led by Kate George as they produced he best burgers and boerewors of the day. When it came to picking team members…

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Coal Play let the big fish get away

Coal Play are one of the favourites for Ultimate Braai Master for a good reason, the team consists of two very talented and knowledgeable cooks. Kate George is a caterer and Jonno Proudfoot is a food consultant, together they make a formidable partnership. As such the bar is raised significantly higher, coming last in a…

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Jonno Proudfoot embarrasses Braai Master Kate George

Coal Play may have a big problem facing them on Ultimate Braai Master, over confidence. Kate George, a caterer and Jonno Proudfoot, a food consultant are culinary professionals and while this will give them a distinct culinary advantage over many of their rivals for the Ultimate Braai Master title, cooking within a time constraint with…

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Coal Play | Team Profile

COAL PLAY BRAAI MASTER: Kate George, aged 34 – Caterer from Cape Town, Western Cape BRAAI BUDDY: Jonno Proudfoot, aged 28 – Food Consultant from Cape Town, Western Cape RELATIONSHIP: Dating FACEBOOK: Coal Play TWITTER: @charCoalPlay STAY IN TOUCH: Ultimate Braai Master Newsletter | RSS When Kate and Jonno watched Ultimate Braai Master Season One,…