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Coal Play hit top form once again along with Good Better Braai, Smoke Sweat and Tears.

Coal Play, along with Good Better Braai and Smoke Sweat & Tears blazed a trail in the Gourmet Burger and Boerewors challenge on Ultimate Braai Master. It was a very strong team admirably led by Kate George as they produced he best burgers and boerewors of the day. When it came to picking team members…

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Good Better Braai | Team Profile

GOOD BETTER BRAAI BRAAI MASTER: Jacques Bester, aged 32 – Hardware Shop Owner from Port Nolloth, Northern Cape BRAAI BUDDY: Nadia Botha, aged 25 – Guesthouse Manager from Windhoek, Namibia RELATIONSHIP: Dating Long Distance FACEBOOK: goodBetterBRAAI STAY IN TOUCH: Ultimate Braai Master Newsletter | RSS If they win Ultimate Braai Master, Jacques wants to open…