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Make your pizza at home, in the oven or on the braai, just how you like it every time.

The other week I finally bought myself a pizza stone. It has long been on my kitchen wish list thanks to some fond memories at my ex-girlfriends sister’s house on Friday evenings when the whole family would gather to make pizza’s accompanied by a few glasses of wine & beer. As family dinners go making…

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How To Make French Press Coffee

The most important aspect to any instructional video, not just how to make coffee, is to be informative and entertaining. Jason Mantzoukas gets this right on both counts, especially the entertaining bit. If you ever considered making a “How to video” yourself you would do well to take a leaf out of Jason’s book and…

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How to make a piping bag for icing

In order to make a piping bag you will need some grease proof paper. I had to use this after my dog stole the last piping bag whilst I was in the middle of baking a few cupcakes. Take the top two corners and fold them down to the middle. Take the bottom two corners…

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Consider the Fork reveals the origin of human over bite, blame it on the fork!

Evolution never stops and is evident in the smallest and often most inconspicuous ways as revealed in Consider the Fork Bee Wilson, has recently published a book titled, “Consider the Fork” which examines ways in which the humble fork has contributed to mankind’s every changing evolutionary development and in this instance, more specifically the overbite. The fork has been around for about 250…

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The iPhone cereal bowl, it all makes perfect sense!

If you are one of the many who scans through their social media updates while eating breakfast before heading off to work, the iPhone cereal bowl is the perfect hands free solution. Created by Daisuke Nagatomo and Jan Minnie of MisoSoupDesign this ultra modern crockery will finally kill off any and all conversation at the breakfast table.


How to sip a can of cold drink

If you ever wondered about the design of the little clip thing that you pull to open you can of cold drink, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye. So if you use a straw to sip on your can of cold drink, now you know how to use it properly.…