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The Butter Grater a solution for easily spreading butter on your bread.

One wonders why something like this has taken so long? Some bright spark in Japan has invented the Butter Grater, the kitchen gadget to end all gadgets.


If you are like me and have a preference for butter over margarine you’ll appreciate the challenge that often presents itself when it comes to spreading the stuff. This generally arises if you have not left any out to soften or when in the winter months it is so cold that not even leaving it out helps ease its application.

With the butter grater spreading your butter evenly will never be a problem again.

If only the website was in English!

What tricks do you have for spreading your butter?

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Some say he holds the world record for potatoes peeled in a minute. It is believed he set this record as a 6 year old while living at the ANC camp in Tanzania during the 1970's