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Anel Potgieter wins Dinner Divas, a new food star is born

Anel Potgeiter won Dinner Divas after five grueling rounds of cooking, three of which were in a battle against second placed Janice Tripepi and Kristy Snell. It was a tough three rounds of cooking in the finals and Anel did not have it all her own way as she fought a closely contested battle with…

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Dinner Divas Episode Twelve, the last of the three finals

Anel Potgeiter, Janice Tripepi and Kristy Snell battle it out in the last of the three final rounds. Where there is smoke there is fire and Kristy has plenty of it in this episode as she does not take the judges criticism of her food lying down. Aubrey in particular is on the sharp end…

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Meatballs!!! Dinner Diva’s, the first of the three final rounds.

Kristy Snell, Janice Tripepi and Anel Potgeiter battle it out for the Dinner Diva title over three rounds of cooking challenges. In the first of the three rounds the Diva’s are presented with a mystery basket of everyday ingredients and have to come up with a weekday family meal in 45 minutes. Two of the…

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Kristy Snell gate crashes the Dinner Diva finals

If one were to look at the list of bloggers who entered the first season of Dinner Diva’s not many would have picked out Kristy Snell’s name as a finalist. Kristy is relatively new on the blogging scene and is not as prominent as some of the foodies she competed against. In her first sudden…