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Dinner Divas Round Six! Some amazing food is about to be dished up – Kate vs Usha!

The final stage of the sudden death knock out rounds sees eclectic Kate Liquorish come up against the healthy vegetarian cooking of Usha Singh. Both blogs celebrate the abundance of exciting local produce and Usha uses them to promote Indian vegetarian delights while Kate focuses on exciting and cheeky food for friends and family. Two…

Thuli-Gogela-vs-Janice-Tripepi-Ep-4 2

Dinner Divas Round Four – Thuli Gogela vs Janice Tripepi

Italian Mama Janice Tripepi cooks off against African Mama Thuli Gogela Ethnic cuisine at its best as two passionate bloggers cook their complex, long menus from the heart. The judges have mixed opinions ranging from swoon to gloom. One blogger leaves the show while the other starts to plan her semi final menu. Thuli Gogela…

Anel-Potgieter-vs-Barry-Gerber-Ep-3 2

Dinner Divas Round Three. Anel Potgeiter vs Barry Gerber

Round Three of Dinner Diva’s sees MasterChefSA contestant Anel Potgeiter come up against Barry Gerber.   Barry Gerber I’m Barry Gerber, one of only a handful of male bloggers!  I cook from the heart, and love traditional ‘boerekos’. Quality of food needs to be taken seriously, not food itself.  If it is not fun to…


Dinner Divas Round 2! Sue Green v Tami Magnin

After last weeks draw, what will Sue Green and Tami Magnin have in store? Nerves and shaking hands are the two main obstacles these two bloggers will face in the second sudden death elimination episode. The judges, we hear, do not mince their words, one is going through and the other will be left in…