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MasterChef SA Recipe | Guy Clark | Pigs Ear with Asparagus

Guy Clark steps up to the plate with his Pigs Ear MasterChef SA Recipe If a pig had horns this title would read differently as Guy really took this challenge by the scruff of the neck Despite having never made or eaten pigs ears before and only ever seeing a recipe for them while browsing…

MasterChef SA Cape Cabal 2

Samantha Nolan and the rise of The MasterChef Cape Cabal

Samantha Nolan’s team picks reveal Cape Cabal on MasterChef SA It was earlier today I was reading an article by rugby writer Gavin Rich (an old associate of GGS Ed Andrew Lieber) about the rise of a Blue Bulls Cabal in South African rugby that is reminiscent of the Cape Cabal in the days under…

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Guy Clark finally enjoys an incident free episode of MasterChef SA.

Guy Clark finally enjoys an incident free episode of MasterChef SA with his Thai Chicken Recipe. Guy really impressed in this episode, not only did he have an incident free run and avoided revealing embarrassing fetishes like prosthetic legs but he plated up with a pretty decent recipe. He drew the inspiration for his childhood…


Guy Clark reveals prosthetic leg fetish on MasterChef SA

Guy Clark chucks out first attempt because it tastes like a prosthetic leg. The man from Cape Town said that he had to chuck out his first attempt due to it tasting like the inside of a prosthetic leg. This raises a lot more questions than answers. How on earth does Guy know what the…

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Guy Clark | MasterChef SA | Profile Video

Guy Clark is a 30 year old former model from Cape Town, he now occupies his time being a property broker. Guy is an ex-model who loves cooking and who has a soft spot for the environment. He got into preparing meals when he was a teenager (to impress the girls!) and is currently interested…