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Is believed to have wined & dined three women on the same night at the same time at different restaurants in Parkhurst and none of them realised it!
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The World’s Most Expensive Edible Cupcake

The World’s Most Expensive edible cupcake is now available in Dubai going at £645 each. The Golden Phoenix was unveiled to the world on a 24 carat gold painted Empire Morning Cake Stand atop a 24 carat gold plated Marie Antoinette Princess Tea Trolley The cupcake itself has 23 carats of edible gold sheets and…

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How to sharpen knives, some myths exposed!

How to sharpen knives, Curtis Stone debunks a myth that even had us fooled. The steel rod ‘thingy’ that you have in your kitchen does not sharpen your knives, it only evens the blades out. If you want to sharpen a knife you need a stone upon which to sweep the blade back and forth.…

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How to make a reduction, Curtis Stone explains.

Add a little class to your meal, here’s how to make a reduction. A reduction is essentially exactly what it says, a reduced liquid. By reducing a liquid you are intensifying the flavour by evaporating the liquid which does not contain any flavour. The solids that hold the flavour stay behind in the sauce pan…

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Jamie Oliver celebrates “Fifteen’s” tenth anniversary

Jamie Oliver celebrates “Fifteen’s” tenth anniversary. ‘Fifteen’ is designed to give the young unemployed a chance and is made up of three restaurants, Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen established in 2002, Fifteen Amsterdam in December 2004 and Fifteen Cornwall in May 2006. Eighty percent of graduates are still working in the industry. The flagship restaurant in London…

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How to make Guacamole with Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone shares some tips and tricks for making a perfect Guacamole. When choosing your avocados it is important to get a nice ripe one so give them a little squeeze at the top and if it gives way a little without making a big indentation it is ripe. Run a knife around the avocado…

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Which knives you need in your kitchen explained by Curtis Stone

Too many knives to choose from, Curtis Stone explains which knives you need in you kitchen. This is especially important if you are looking to spend a little money on some good quality knives. You really only need four knives in your kitchen, a bread knife, cooks knife, carving knife and a vegetable or pairing…

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World’s Top 10 Fast Food Chains

The World’s Top 10 Fast Food Chains are dominated by the country who invented the concept, America. The turnover numbers are frighteningly large and remarkably only four of these massive enterprises can be found in South Africa. No prizes for guessing who is the largest, it’s McDonald’s with an annual turnover three times that of…

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McDonald’s Canada reveal the secret to their Big Mac Sauce

While we are convinced that this is not the entire recipe, why would they give that away, McDonald’s Canada have released a video giving some insight into what goes into a Big Mac Burger. The basic ingredients are Mayonnaise, Sweet Pickle Relish, Yellow Mustard, White Wine Vinegar, Onion Powder, Garlic Powder and Ground Paprika. We…

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The $1000 Pizza! New York, where else?

Heading for New York with a few thousand dollars to spare? Pop in to Nino’s Bellissima Pizza in Manhattan and order his speciality, a $1000 pizza. Nino Selimaj, owner of Nino’s Bellissima Pizza in Manhattan has brought together some pretty expensive ingredients to come up with what can be regarded as one of the worlds…