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The $1000 Pizza! New York, where else?

Heading for New York with a few thousand dollars to spare? Pop in to Nino’s Bellissima Pizza in Manhattan and order his speciality, a $1000 pizza.

Nino Selimaj, owner of Nino’s Bellissima Pizza in Manhattan has brought together some pretty expensive ingredients to come up with what can be regarded as one of the worlds most expensive pizza’s.

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Nino-Selimaj-$1000-pizza-ninosNino’s Bellissima Pizza in Manhattan, the home of the $1000 pizza

It is the Beluga and Royal Sevruga caviar which really shift the price up, costing approximately US$820, with a price that fluctuates daily.

The pizza is then finished off with thinly sliced lobster and creme fraiche topped off with a salmon roll, chives and wasabi paste.


Nino Selimaj, who owns four other restaurants in New York city, said: ‘I’ve been in the city for 33 years and I serve caviar in all my restaurants.”

“‘I wanted something different for my pizza restaurant.”

“I didn’t want just a traditional marinara or margherita. I wanted something specific and unique and so I came up with the $1000 pizza, and it’s worth every penny.”

Nino-Selimaj-$1000-pizzaNino Selimaj shows off his US$1000 pizza creation with caviar, lobster, creme fraiche, salmon roll, chives and wasabi paste.

He certainly has a bit of a Hollywood inspired, “Lucky Luciano” look about him doesn’t he. You’d better pay up or else you’ll be swimming with the fishes!

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