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Is believed to have wined & dined three women on the same night at the same time at different restaurants in Parkhurst and none of them realised it!
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Chocolate Soufflé & Orange Vodka | Aubrey Ngcungama

We highly recommend Aubrey’s Chocolate Soufflé Recipe with a touch of Orange Vodka. The Orange Vodka adds a very special touch to this decadent desserts. Not only is he a rising South African culinary star but this is without doubt the most perfect way to end a meal in a “decadent style”. More: Dessert Recipes | Chocolate…

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Spaghetti & Sun Dried Tomatoes Recipe | Aubrey Ngcungama

Aubrey shares not just his cooking talents but a little of his singing talents too while making this delightfully simple & delicious pasta recipe. Take note that his love of wine was not just for Come Dine With Me but certainly an entrenched affair that has no doubt been going on for a very long time.…

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Pork Chops Recipe with Cabbage & Potato | Aubrey Ngcungama

Aubrey delights us once again but on this occasion there is no singing. Tonight it’s pork chops, mash potato and cabbage which is sounding pretty appealing at the moment. Aubrey is a man for all seasons. More: Pork Chop Recipes | Aubrey Ngcungama Recipes Pork Chops Recipe with Cabbage & Potato | Aubrey Ngcungama Serving:…

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Seared Tuna Steak Braai Recipe with Fennel | Aubrey Ngcungama

What would a special occasion be without Aubrey, this time with his Seared Tuna Steak Braai Recipe. It’s light, quick and easy to make in the kitchen or on the braai. More: Fish Recipes | Fish Braai Recipes | Aubrey Ngcungama Recipes Seared Tuna Steak Braai Recipe with Fennel | Aubrey Ngcungama Serving: 4 |…

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Invisible driver Drive Thru prank

The Magician Prankster created a fake drivers seat in which he could hide as he drove up to the Drive Thru window to collect his order. Naturally you get a variety of different reactions from those ready to hand over dinner. One even decided to take a photograph although we do wonder why.

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McDonald’s to change it’s name to Macca’s in Australia

In a world first for the global fast food mega business it is to change it’s name to Macca’s in Australia. Store signs in Australia will come down and new one’s will go up during the month of January as McDonald’s celebrates Australia Day by changing it’s name to Macca’s, it’s Australian nickname. Chief Marketing…

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Bacon Soap, saving the earth one wash at a time.

The Flint Crepe Co. in Flint, Michigan is using its leftover bacon grease to make bacon soap. Don’t be too horrified, you won’t be walking around smelling like a “cheap hotel buffet” with the fresh scent of bacon wafting around. The manufacturers scent the soap with citrus and ginger to ensure that you will still…

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Dinner Divas Episode Twelve, the last of the three finals

Anel Potgeiter, Janice Tripepi and Kristy Snell battle it out in the last of the three final rounds. Where there is smoke there is fire and Kristy has plenty of it in this episode as she does not take the judges criticism of her food lying down. Aubrey in particular is on the sharp end…