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Is believed to have wined & dined three women on the same night at the same time at different restaurants in Parkhurst and none of them realised it!
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Braai Boy set to break Guinness World Record for the longest Braai!

Braai Boy, Gareth Daniell will be attempting to set a new world record for the worlds longest braai by braaing for 60 hours straight. He will be attempting to rewrite the record books from 23rd – 25th August, at SuperSport in Centurion and is not simply looking to set a new record but to obliterate…

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Parmesan Chicken Breast Recipe with Parma Ham | Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver and a Parmesan Chicken Breast recipe with Parma Ham for you to try your hand at. Are you a nervous cook? I’d recommend Jamie Oliver every time, he has the style, the attitude and most importantly it genuinely comes from the heart. Simple meals produce the best results over and over again and these…

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Lamb Burger Recipe | Michael Olivier

An easy Lamb Burger Recipe from Michael Olivier for the braai. You can use any mince you like really, Michael pretty much covers all the basics for preparing and cooking burgers on the braai in this video. Get creative with you toppings, nothing wrong with a little onion marmalade either. Lamb Burger Recipe | Michael…

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Chicken Korma Recipe | Anjum Anand.

A traditional Chicken Korma Recipe for you to enjoy by Anjum Anand. If you’ve got time marinade the chicken for a good few hours in the fridge, if not no worries, it’ll still taste great. If you don’t have any black cardamom pods or creamed coconut, again no worries just carry on without them. You can also…

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Lamb Burger Recipe stuffed with Feta and Onion Marmalade

This Lamb Burger Recipe Stuffed with Feta is a great little recipe and one you should definitely add to you repertoire. It was a little chaotic in the Expresso kitchen as Liezel & Ewan put together these cool Feta Lamb Burgers. When it comes to burgers you can really get adventurous with your fillings so…

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Why should you rest meat after cooking? Curtis Stone explains.

We all hear about it but exactly why should you rest your meat before serving. It is very important that you let your meat rest once you have finished cooking it. When you remove meat from the heat it continues to cook and allowing it to rest allows the cooking process to end and the…

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Mango Pavlova Recipe with Chocolate and a Lime Syrup | Curtis Stone

This individual Mango Pavlova Recipe from Curtis Stone is a great summer dessert made a little more decadent with the addition of some chocolate and lime syrup. Pavlova is ideally prepared a few days advance, well the meringue part anyway. Meringues will last quite a long time in a sealed container so you could get…