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Is believed to have wined & dined three women on the same night at the same time at different restaurants in Parkhurst and none of them realised it!
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A Crispy Skin Salmon Recipe | Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone shares a chef secret on how to make that perfectly, crispy salmon steak skin. No need to complicate the fish, use subtle flavours of butter, a hint of lemon and a few sage leaves to compliment the delicate taste of the salmon. You can also cook the salmon on the braai or barbecue.…

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Beef Product Inc launches You Tube campaign to educate the public about it’s lean beef trimmings product.

Beef Products Inc is facing a massive downturn in revenues following Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution and the “Pink Slime” segment. The company claims that Jamie Oliver’s assessment of the product was flawed and unscientific saying that he mischaracterized the product. They say that their is essentially no difference between their product and mince meat.

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Jamie Oliver’s “Pink Slime” given the okay for school lunches despite being kicked out by McDonald’s, Taco Bell and Burger King

It’s not good enough for McDonald’s but its good enough for school lunches. This is the opinion of the US Dept of Agriculture according to a report in the Medical News Today. Jamie Oliver, currently under the spotlight for calling an Australian journalist a “b&tch” for questioning him about his weight gain brought “pink slime”…

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How to cut an onion and not cry!

You might think that everyone knows what the best way to cut an onion is but we are not convinced. So for all of those out there who have not been shown how or figured it out for yourselves yet, here it is. Watch carefully!!! Most importantly have a sharp knife. If you use a…

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Curtis Stone tucks in to Jamie Oliver and his flabbiness

Reports are coming in that Curtis Stone has tucked in on the “Jamie Oliver is fat” crusade by saying that the UK celebrity chef needs to practice what he preaches. Curtis was co-hosting a CBS TV show called “The Talk” when he urged Jamie Oliver to show more responsibility because of his stardom. Jamie recently…

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How to make your own salad dressing

Essentially all you need is something acidic and something fatty. The two most common ingredients are vinegar and olive oil, you could use lemon juice in place of the vinegar. The first thing you need to do is mix together the vinegar and oil, give it a good whisk so that in emulsifies. Emulsification takes…