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Is believed to have wined & dined three women on the same night at the same time at different restaurants in Parkhurst and none of them realised it!
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McDonald’s apologises to pit bull owners after including “petting a stray pit-bull” as being riskier than trying a new menu item at McDonald’s

McDonald’s infuriated American pit-bull owners with a radio commercial that claimed, among other things, “petting a stray pit-bull” was riskier than trying a new menu item at one of the fast food outlets. The advert is promoting the new “McBites”, which have not been getting positive feedback from consumers anyway. More than 9000 people have…

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Seafood Ravioli Recipe with fresh pasta

A fresh and authentic Italian Seafood Ravioli Recipe by Sonia Peronaci. Ravioli is one of my favourite Italian dishes, I like the simplicity with which it is served. The sauce and filling are critical to this dish and yet can be incredibly easy to make. The tricky part is making the pasta, if you are…

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How to make Fresh Egg Pasta

How to make fresh egg pasta, you’ll never look back. If you’ve never made your own pasta before, this is the week it’s going to happen. Don’t worry if you don’t have a pasta cutting machine, you can make ravioli or any other pocket and strip style pasta. This recipe will make enough pasta for…

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Harissa Halloumi Bruschetta Recipe

Are you entertaining this week, looking for a refreshingly new snacking option or for a neat little starter or snack for Valentines Day. Either way Sasha Simpson has a delightful little snack idea for you to try.

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Lotus Root Crisps Recipe | Ching He Huang

You are going to need to ‘Go down, to China town’ for this recipe.  I have found lotus root veg in Cyrildene, east of Johannesburg. Lotus Root is commonly found in all Asian Cuisine; from Indian to Thai, and including Chinese. The Lotus rootlets are often pickled in rice vinegar with sugar, chilli and/or garlic. It has a crunchy texture…