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“My Dad is not to blame!” Roxanne van Breda fights back! Oscar Foulkes backs her all the way!

Roxanne van Breda stands up for herself and her father following Ultimate Braai Master exit! Roxanne van Breda was quick to respond to a GGS article that she blamed her father for their episode two Ultimate Braai Master failure. In the episode Roxanne was heard saying that Barry would have to “fork up” the R500…


Team ‘Popeye and Olive’ Profile | Ultimate Braai Master

Father and daughter team up to form ‘Popeye and Olive’ in Ultimate Braai Master. Team ‘Popeye and Olive’ arrived at the Wild Coast Ultimate Braai Master auditions with everything except the kitchen sink. Roxanne van Breda is the Braai Master and she has brought her father Barry Davis along as her Braai Buddy. They presented…


Ultimate Braai Master Team Announcement

Justin Bonello and Malcom Mycroft announced the final fifteen Ultimate Braai Master Teams on the SABC 3 Expresso Show. Once the audition process was completed it was time to announce the teams vying for the title of South Africa and the world’s first Ultimate Braai Master. The GM of Marketing at Pick ‘n Pay (headline…