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Asian Spiked Pork Shoulder MasterChef Ep 5 2012

MasterChef SA Episode Five Wrap | Berdina Schurink’s lamb lands her on the chopping block.

Tensions ran high as a usually stoic Berdina Schurink succumbed to the intensity of the MasterChef kitchen in a pressure test that she should have sailed through. MasterChef Press Release via TVSA In this week’s jam-packed episode of MasterChef SA, tensions ran high as a usually stoic Berdina Schurink succumbed to the intensity of the…

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Berdina Schurink runs out of time. Leaves MasterChef SA underdone.

Berdina Schurink crashes out of MasterChef SA in unspectacular fashion with underdone Rack of Lamb. It was the second week in a row that Berdina Schurink found herself having to deal with a pressure test after presenting the judges with uncooked meringue on her tart in episode four of MasterChef SA. She easily trumped the…

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MasterChef SA Episode Five | The Pressure Test

Manisha Naidu falls short when it comes to making the tough decisions on MasterChef SA Aftter the blue team, led by Manisha Naidu lost the team challenge they had to face the pressure test. The Judges however decided that only three would participate and it was up to Manisha to decide who was going fight…

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Berdina Schurink makes a quick decision and gets it right!

Berdina Schurink faced the MasterChef Judges along with Mmutsi Maseko, Samantha Nolan and Manisha Naidoo. Berdina decided very quickly that she was going to make her dish as South African as possible and ergo went and grabbed the biggest possible steak that she could lay her hands on. It worked and she cruised through to…

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Berdina Schurink | MasterChef SA | Video Profile

MasterChef SA contestant Berdina Schurink is 35 years old and hails from Pretoria. She used to be a financial and admin manager but resigned to enter MasterChef. Well done Berdina. In her MasterChef DSTV bio it says that Berdina auditioned in all three cities and her perseverance and culinary flair finally came to the fore…