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Some say he holds the world record for potatoes peeled in a minute. It is believed he set this record as a 6 year old while living at the ANC camp in Tanzania during the 1970's
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How to make mayonnaise

Gordon Ramsay is no slouch in the kitchen and he shows us how easy it is to make mayonnaise at home. First tip is not to be scared, all it is is a multiplication of raw egg yolks and ground nut oil. He recommends ground nut oil because it is neutral and not flavoured. Mix three egg yolks with…

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How to joint a chicken with Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay shows you how to joint a chicken with the most important tip being, let the knife do the work. Open up the legs and pierce the skin between the leg and the breast. Pull the leg back with your hand on top of the breast to keep it steady. Pop the bone out…

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Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe with Oregano | Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay shares his bolognese sauce recipe, perfect for Spaghetti Bolognese or an oven baked Lasagne. This is not a slow cooking recipes that will take in excess of an hour but quick and easy, 20 minutes max! Ramsay likes to grate the onion and the carrot as it makes them cook faster and follows…

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In what position should the braai air vent holes be?

Jamie Purviance, author of Weber’s Way to Grill: The Step-by-Step Guide to Expert Grilling, has a few tips for managing the temperature of your braai and the braai air vent holes. Basically the top vents should be open all the time, the only time you should have them half open is if you are having…

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Spicy Chicken Burger Braai Recipe with Avocado & Salsa

A quick and easy Spicy Chicken Burger Braai Recipe with a great little Salsa to go with it. This rub is a great way to learn how to mix together your own spices. Basically look at everything that’s on your spice rack and pick and choose stuff that looks like it will work well together…

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How to prevent food from sticking to the braai

Do you ever have problems with your food sticking to the braai, here is the best method from preventing this from happening. You have two options, oil the grate or oil the food. Jamie believes that by oiling the grate a lot of it will simply drip off and cause flare ups, which you don’t…

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The best way to braai vegetables

Jamie Purviance, author of Weber’s Way to Grill: The Step-by-Step Guide to Expert Grilling, shares some of his best tips on how to braai vegetables. Vegetables for some reason often get ignored when it comes to the braai which is odd as like meat, they taste so much better when grilled on a braai. Here…

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How to tell when your steak is done, internal core temperature chart.

How to tell when your steak is ready via the internal core temperature, to the eye and to the touch. Steak Internal Temperature Chart Doneness Internal Temperature To the Eye To the Touch Blue 17°C – 38°C /  80°F-100°F Deep red Soft & Squishy Rare 49°C – 51°C / 120°F-125°F Bright red in the middle…