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How to joint a chicken with Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay shows you how to joint a chicken with the most important tip being, let the knife do the work.

  1. Open up the legs and pierce the skin between the leg and the breast.
  2. Pull the leg back with your hand on top of the breast to keep it steady.
  3. Pop the bone out of the joint and slice through
  4. Repeat the same with the other leg
  5. Locate the knuckle between the drum and the thigh, then slice through.
  6. To finish of the leg scrape the tendons off the bone and chop the end off.
  7. Keep the knuckles for stock.
  8. Pull the wings out, feel for the joint and slice through.
  9. For the breasts slice down and cut through, not around the wish bone.
  10. Repeat the same on the other side
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Some say he holds the world record for potatoes peeled in a minute. It is believed he set this record as a 6 year old while living at the ANC camp in Tanzania during the 1970's