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Shepherd’s Pie Recipe | Aubrey Ngcungama

Aubrey continues with his culinary adventure, this time with a Shepherds Pie Recipe. Now for the last time a Shepherds Pie is made with lamb and a Cottage Pie is made with beef. I don’t want to hear of it again…

Aubrey’s recipe is certainly a cut above many of the others because he does not use lamb mince, he uses the meat from a left over leg of lamb. If you live alone or are a couple and avoid roasting a leg of lamb because you end up with too much meat that never gets finished, here is the solution. Convert the leftovers into a Shepherds Pie that would be so good you could serve it at a dinner party the next night!

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Shepherd’s Pie Recipe | Aubrey Ngcungama

Serving: 4-6 | Prep: 10 min | Cooking: 40 min

Red Onion 2
Garlic Clove
Carrots 3
Celery 2
Lemon 1
Olive Oil
Tomato Paste 3 teaspoons
Red Wine 1.5 glasses
Worcestershire Sauce 4 dashes
Mint few
Potatoes 3-4
Egg Yolk 1
Unsalted Butter 3-4 knobs



For the filling
1 . Slice up your left over lamb into small pieces
2 . Chop up 1 red onion very finely
3 . Chop up garlic
4 . Dice the carrots
5 . Thinly slice the celery

For the mash
1 . Peel and chop the potatoes

For the Relish
1 . Roughly chop the 2nd red onion
2 . Place in a bowl and squeeze in the juice from the lemon
3 . Pour in a lug of olive oil


For the mash
1 . Bring a pot of water to the boil and cook until tender (approx 20 min)

For the Filling
1 . Heat up a pan with butter and a little oil
2 . Add the onions & garlic and sauté on a low heat for about 30 seconds
3 . Add the carrots and celery
4 . Cook for about 7-10 minutes until the onion begin to brown and the carrots and celery are soft
5 . Add the lamb and cook for 1 minute
6 . Pour in a glass or a glass and a half of wine, don’t drown it.
7 . Allow to simmer for 5 minutes
8 . Pour into an oven proof baking/pie dish
9 . Mash the potatoes
10 . Add about 150g of butter
11 . Crack open the egg and add to the mash, mix it all together
12 . Scoop the mash on top of the lamb filling evenly
13 . Pop in the oven for 25 minutes

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