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Suffered from multiple personality disorders for the first year of Gourmet Guys. His primary personality has now taken control! Editor-In-Charge

How to say “beer” in Europe

While we’re confident that in most European countries barmen will understand the word beer, it is a good idea to localise your bar orders and make friends with the barman. To this end The Drey has published a map for beer drinkers travelling in Europe with the local terminology so you have no excuse for…

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“I don’t like breakfast, I don’t cook breakfast, I don’t eat breakfast” says MasterChef SA’s Seline van der Wat

Seline van der Wat revealed a completely new side to her personality during the Big Breakfast Challenge on MasterChef SA. In what can only be described as dramatic outbursts of the cutest and most adorable kind the industrial engineer from Mafeking revealed that breakfast is not a meal she generally partakes in. When the judges…

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Karen Els | MasterChef SA Profile

KAREN ELS AGE: 35 CITY: Howick, KZN OCCUPATION: Stay-At-Home Mom Scroll down for video Karen entered MasterChef for herself. She has three beautiful kids and a loving husband, but now she wants to be South Africa’s next MasterChef. Apart from being “the Number 1 fan” of the series, Karen is a homely cook who wants…