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Fillet Steak Braai Recipe with a Cherry, Port & Thyme Sauce

Gourmet up you next Steak Braai with this Fillet Steak with Cherry, Port & Thyme Sauce Recipe from Jamie Purviance, author of Weber’s Way to Grill.

This recipe is all about the sauce which will really spruce up you steaks, gourmet style.

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Fillet Steak Braai Recipe with a Cherry, Port & Thyme Sauce | Jamie Purviance

Serving: 4 | Prep: 10 min | Cooking: 20 min

Fillet Steaks 4
Olive Oil
Thyme 2 tablespoons
Salt & Pepper
Butter 5 tablespoons unsalted
Shallots 1/2 cup chopped
Dried Cherries 3/4 cup
Port 3/4 cup
Fresh Cherries 350 g
Beef Stock 3/4 cup



For the Fillet Steaks:
1 . Season with salt & pepper
2 . Brush with a little olive oil

For the Cherry Port Sauce:
1 . Sauté the shallots, soft and translucent
2 . Add the thyme
3 . Add the dried cherries and the port
4 . Reduce by half
5 . Pour in the beef stock and the fresh cherries
6 . Reduce by half and set aside

For the steaks:
1 . Place the fillet steaks on the braai on a high heat and sear 3-4 minutes each way with the lid on.
2 . Reomve and rest while you finish the sauce

To finish the Cherry Port & Thyme Sauce:
1 . Place back on a low heat
2 . Season with salt
3 . Add the butter, a little at a time so that it does not separate
4 . Bring to a gentle simmer and serve

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