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Sicilian Sardines Recipe | Marco Pierre White

Sardines are fantastic on the braai and this easy Sicilian Sardines recipe by Macro Pierre White will take you through all the basics.

Sardines always remind me of Cape Town over New Year, celebrating the arrival of the new millennium. It was a restaurant, long since gone, on Kloof Rd, dining on some of the best sardines I’ve ever had.

With holidays upon us and the weather perfect for a braai, this is a great option to bring some simple variety to the menu, they make for great starters.

Ignore the fact that Marco is cooking this Sicilian Sardine recipe indoors, he’s English. This is a great fish braai recipe.

Sicilian Sardines Recipe | Fish Braai | Marco Pierre White

Serving: 2 | Prep: 10 min | Cooking: 5 min

Olive Oil 4 teaspoons
Lemon 1.5
Capers 2 tablespoons
Black Olives, Stoned 1 tablespoon
Fish Stock Cube 0.5
Sardines 4
Fresh Parsley few sprigs

1 . Scale & gut the sardines if not already done.
2 . Soak the olive, capers & lemon in separate bowls of olive oil. This will take the edge off.
3 . Make a paste with the fish stock cube and olive oil
4 . Rub the paste onto the sardines
5 . If cooking in the kitchen, heat a little oil in the pan and then wipe it out. This’ll will help prevent the skin from sticking to the pan
6 . Cook the sardines for about 2 minutes each way
7 . Garnish with the lemon pieces, olives & capers
8 . Finish off with some parsley


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