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A Salmon Recipe stuffed with Tarragon and Sun Dried Tomatoes

If you’re looking for something special, this Salmon Recipe stuffed with Tarragon and Sun Dried Tomatoes will be perfect for the next braai or barbecue.

Fish is a perfect meal to serve when entertaining a group of people. It is easy to cook, and can be quite economical compared to larger quantities of meat.  Most importantly you have many different ways of flavouring fish, sweet, savoury and fragrant.

In this Salmon Recipe you will be using tarragon and sun dried tomatoes, wedged in between two 500g fillets of salmon.

The mayonnaise, yoghurt, parsley and spring onion condiment goes perfectly with the salmon.

It makes for a fantastic fish braai recipe.

Salmon Recipe stuffed with Tarragon and Sun Dried Tomatoes | Fish Braai

Serving: 6-8 | Prep: 15 min | Cooking: 30 min

Tarragon 10 g
Salmon Fillets 2
Sundried Tomato Paste 3 tablespoons
Mayonnaise 100 g
Greek Yoghurt 75 g
Parsley 25 g
Spring Onions 1
Sundried Tomatoes 150 g

1 . Pull the tarragon leaves from the stalks and chop
2 . Spread the tomato paste over a salmon fillet, skin side up.
3 . Scatter the tomatoes & tarragon over the salmon
4 . Season with salt and pepper
5 . Position the second fillet skin side down on top of the first
6 . Tie together and chill
7 . Beat the mayonnaise, yoghurt, chopped parsley and chopped spring onions together and chill

1 . Brush the salmon with some oil
2 . Cook the salmon on the braai, oiled side down
3 . After 10-15 minutes brush the top side with oil and turn
4 . Cook for 10-15 minutes until done
5 . Remove and slice
6 . Serve with the Mayonnaise


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