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How to carve a turkey with Curtis Stone

Curtis Stone shows us how to carve a turkey. He shows us the traditional way of carving the turkey at the table and a second method which takes place in the kitchen before serving.

Firstly make sure you have a sharp knife and use long strokes while holding the turkey firmly in place with a fork right along the breast plate.

Keep the slices thin, many a turkey might be a bit dry so the thinner the better.

The second method is to firstly slice off the legs and the slice off the breasts by carving along the breast plate using tongs to hold the breast steady.

Then you carve up the breasts once they have been removed from the turkey.

This also makes it easier when dealing with leftovers and you could remove all the meat from the carcass before you use it to make turkey soup.

You known what Christmas is like, you end up eating turkey for a whole week!

If you want to avoid a dry turkey try Curtis Stones Spice & Herb Brined Turkey Recipe.

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