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Every year up to seventy million sharks are killed for their fins. Shark fin soup! Do you want to know more?

Moves are afoot to make planet earth a safer place for sharks. For billions of years they have remained at the top of the ocean’s food chain, until humankind developed a taste for shark fin soup. I wonder whose idea it was to slip the “kind” in behind human. Over the past year, particularly in…

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Gordon Ramsay Steakhouse at Paris Las Vegas.

Gordon Ramsay has brought his unique style and culinary flair to Las Vegas with the Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris Las Vegas, his first in the city The two-level steakhouse has a “chunnel” entrance and then immediately captures their attention with an eye-catching, restaurant wide Union Jack ceiling mural and custom neon sculpture, handsomely tailored…

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Gordon Ramsay reveals all as the Naked Chef! Naked Ramsay!

Gordon Ramsay strips down for Hotel Hell and bares all to the world! He also hands out some pretty good advice, never book a honeymoon suite! Well  not quite all but he does bare his arse as he drops his pants and climbs into a bath for his latest US series, Hotel Hell. A naked…