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Braai Tips: Cooking Steak on the braai

For the novice, how to cook a steak on the braai.

Andre Morganthal from “Wines of South Africa” shares some more of his braai tips, this time cooking steak.

Andre likes to massage some olive oil into the meat and season with salt & pepper before he gets near the braai. When you do get to the braai, spread the coals evenly and place the rack on the lowest level available, You want the coals to be hot and when you spread the coals out you’ll notice a sharp increase in the heat that’s released as the coals break up and you oxygenate the interior.

Place the steaks onto the grid and then leave to cook. You want the meat to be brown before you turn it, when the juices begin to appear on the top of the steak it’s ready to turn.

Some people like to baste their meat, others don’t. It’s up to you really.

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