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Armageddon: Knocking back the world’s strongest beer?

A Scottish micro brewer in Aberdeenshire has produced the World’s Strongest Beer which, at 65 per cent alcohol, is stronger than whisky or brandy.


At £80 per glass in the shops it does not come cheap but has the potency of ten pints of lager, that’s 4.7 litres.

The “Special Brew” has 65% alcohol and is more potent that whisky or brandy.

It has a name to match too, called “Armageddon” and is sure to hasten the “end of times”.

But according to the brewer, Lewis Shand, it’s got character as well, the alcohol does not overpower it because it’s sweet, malty and hoppy with quite a lot of yeast in it as well.

The process includes freezing  the beer, removing the ice (which is just water) and leaving behind the solution which is the hops, malt and alcohol.

The order book for the micro brewery is growing with a lot of order’s coming in from the United States and with people’s penchant for pushing themselves to the limits this is expected to continue.

Vincent Graaf (Mail Online) visited the brewery  to discover what it’s like to take your life into your hands and knock back the world’s strongest beer. and he claimed that “like that other famous novelty, the deep-fried Mars Bar (which has just celebrated 20 years since its creation), it’s a gift to the world from the good people of Scotland.”

To his surprise, it was “rather smooth”. He did not feel any of the “heat or the harshness of neat tequila or vodka.”

It slipped over his tongue and down his throat, lining his mouth with a thick coating.

DID YOU KNOW: The Scots consume 20 per cent more alcohol (22.8 units a week) than the English and Welsh?

QUESTION: What is the strongest beer you have ever had?

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