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30 000 Napkins are stolen from Jamie Oliver every month!

Jamie Oliver says 30,000 napkins per month depart his restaurants in diner’s pockets and handbags.


Jamie Oliver accredits these thefts to the current economic conditions and thinks that maybe the dinners consider them entitled to a little more than dinner.

The napkins can also be purchased from Jamie’s Italian in packs of four for £8 but why pay for something when you can simply slip it into your pocket or handbag during the chaos of a dinner service at a packed restaurant.

Quite often the napkins can then be found selling on eBay for as much as £8.00 each!

It gets worse though, the most bizarre item to get stolen from his restaurants are the toilets

Jamie told the Radio Times, “Every restaurant of mine has the old-fashioned Thomas Crapper toilets because I’ve always thought they look wicked. But they’re really expensive and we’ve had to have the handles and flushers welded on because people were unscrewing them and nicking them. Honestly, some people were coming out for a meal and going home with half a toilet. Bonkers!”

And now you know where the word, “crap” originates from… Mr Thomas Crapper, the inventor of the flushing toilet!

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