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Ultimate Braai Master

Ultimate Braai Master Episode Thirteen Preview

The final three face off against each other in Episode Thirteen of Ultimate Braai Master.

Greg Gilowey, Laertes Melidonis and Roger Harris are the Braai Masters going into the Sun City Challenge in the fight for the title of the first Ultimate Braai Master.

It has been a long and tough journey, especially for Greg who had to audition three times before he was accepted into the final team list. His perseverance and persistence has paid off, not taking no for an answer.

The question is does he have it in him to go all the way or will he be beaten to the final post by the ever consistent Laertes “Tubby” Melidonis or the voracious Roger Harris who has bulldozed his way into contention for the title

The teams face a gruelling eight hour team challenge with a host of unexpected twists and turns, only one team will win tonight and they shall be the Ultimate Braai Masters!

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