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Eat Cheap, Quick Fix Spaghetti a la Mifuno Recipe by Jade de Waal

Try out this Spaghetti a la Mifuno recipe by MasterChef Finalist Jade de Waal. Jade de Waal has been cooking in the kitchen for quite a while now and has even made some You Tube videos of her recipes. This is a very easy Spaghetti recipe made with sausages. You can use whatever sausages take…

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Weiner Schnitzel Braai Recipe with Potato Pancakes

This is really showing us how easy it is to take cooking out of the kitchen and on to the braai for practically anything. You can switch out the veal for chicken if you wish and whip up a light green salad to go alongside.

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Braised Meatballs in a Goulash Sauce Recipe | Delia Smith

A gutsy Meatballs Recipe in a Goulash Sauce from Delia Smith for you to try. Having a variety of sauce flavours in ones arsenal is essential to great cooking. You don’t have to make your meatballs the same way every time. While this recipe does not cover how to make your meatballs, we have some that…

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Funky Peri Peri Sauce Recipe

First up we have not been able to test this recipe, so while it claims to be a Nando’s style we really have no idea. So once you have made it please let us know. For the ingredients we have listed the maximum number of chillies you will need for a seriously hot sauce, reduce…

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Pastitsio Recipe | Rick Stein.

I’m really enjoying Rick’s recipes, I’ve tried all of them with the Moroccan Meatballs being one of my favourites up to now. I think it’s a case of each new recipe usurping the one that came before. Pastitsio is like a Greek version of lasagne - beef & pasta with cinnamon, red wine & cheese. Tonight I’m…

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Venetian Steak Recipe with One Thousand Year Old Marinade Recipe

So first I found this gem from Jamie Oliver on how to cook a Venetian steak but it was lacking some serious detail, i.e. what marinade should one use. So, some extra research was in order and what I found is pretty (intercourse) brilliant. The origin of the Venetian steak dates back one thousand years…

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Caramel Pork Belly Recipe | Simply Delicious

I didn’t follow a recipe with this Carmel Pork Belly Recipe, just my own nose and palate. To soften the pork I poached it in a aromatic stock filled with spices and vegetables for a few hours. If you want to make this over a few days, I suggest you poach the pork and then let it…