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Quick Fix Spaghetti a la Mifuno Recipe | Jade de Waal

Try out this Spaghetti a la Mifuno recipe by MasterChef Finalist Jade de Waal.

Jade de Waal has been cooking in the kitchen for quite a while now and has even made some You Tube videos of her recipes.

This is a very easy Spaghetti recipe made with sausages. You can use
whatever sausages take your fancy be it pork, beef, chicken, lamb or a
mixture. Depending on what meat you use you might want to try a few
different herbs too, sage, thyme or rosemary.

You simply chop the tomatoes and sausages, fry them up and toss in the pasta. You could have this meal ready inside 10 minutes.

So like Jade says, “Eat Your Heart Out” with this Spaghetti a la Mifuno recipe

Spaghetti à la Mifuno Recipe | Jade de Waal

Serving: 2 | Prep: 5 min | Cooking: 15 min

Spaghetti 1 handful
Spinach 200 g
Sausages 4
Tomatoes 2
Olive Oil

1 . Cut up the sausage into pieces
2 . Chop the tomatoes
3 . Bring a big pot with water and a pinch of salt to the boil
4 . Cook the pasta according to the packet instructions
5 . Heat a little olive oil in a pan
6 . Cook the chopped sausage
7 . Add the chopped tomatoes, cook for 2 minutes
8 . Add the spinach, cook for 1 minute until the spinach wilts
9 . Add the cooked pasta
10 . Season with salt and pepper

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Quick Fix Spaghetti a la Mifuno Recipe | Jade de Waal, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating


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