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Eat Cheap, Quick Fix Spaghetti a la Mifuno Recipe by Jade de Waal

Try out this Spaghetti a la Mifuno recipe by MasterChef Finalist Jade de Waal. Jade de Waal has been cooking in the kitchen for quite a while now and has even made some You Tube videos of her recipes. This is a very easy Spaghetti recipe made with sausages. You can use whatever sausages take…

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Recipe of the Week: Ming Cheau Lin’s Pekin Duck Recipe @MingRhames

Ming-Cheau Lin from our Featured Blog of the week: Butterfingers, For Chinese New Years, my sister and I cooked up a spread for our friends. The highlight dish is the recipe I’ll be sharing with you today – Pekin Duck. The duck I bought for our dish is a free range Pekin duck from the…

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Lamb Chop Recipe with Chilli & Garlic

For the novice, a Garlic & Chilli Lamb Chop Recipe by the Aussie Griller. It is so easy to make your own rubs and marinades. All you need for this recipe is a chilli, some garlic, cumin, salt and olive oil and away you go. Everything tastes better when its made with fresh ingredients! Garlic…

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Greek Roast Lamb Recipe Stuffed with Cheese & All Spice | Diane Kochilas

This recipe calls for some Kefalotyri cheese which is available in some supermarkets, I have purchased some from Spar before. If you can’t find use any other hard, yellow cheese. This dish incorporates many traditional lamb ingredients but the add the cheese is a little different to what many of you may have done in…

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Stir Fried Thai Beef & Chilli Recipe | Michael Olivier

Stir Fries are remarkably easy and versatile. Take this recipe from Michael Olivier for example, not only is this great with noodles or rice but you can also serve it up in a tortilla wrap or with taco’s. Not only that but switching to chicken or seafood is just as easy. Get the sauce basics right…

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Red Wine Marinated Rib Eye Steak Braai Recipe

One of the key protocols at a braai is to always comment as to how good the food is and to complement the braai master. This is made much easier when the meat matches the post braai complements.This is one recipe that will live up to those high standards and is incredibly easy to make.Prep…

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Boerewors Burger Braai Recipe | Heston Blumenthal

South African inspired cooking from Heston Blumenthal and a lesson for us all. It’s how we flavour our food that really defines a nations cooking style. At first I was a little confused, the burger on the braai is not South African at all, it’s the boerewors that is truely South African. But then when…

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Kefta Mkaouara Recipe / Moroccan Meatballs, Egg & Tomato Tagine | Rick Stein

I never tire of Rick Stein, nor this Kefta Mkaouara recipe, other wise known as Moroccan Spicy Meatballs with Egg and Tomato Tagine. This is a mouth watering dish of note, everybody who watches this video will be salivating at the mouth. Meatballs have never looked as good as this before and I doubt they…

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Lamb Kofta Kebab Braai Recipe | Ben Donoghue

Using ideas and flavours from around the world is a wonderful way to surprise people with something new and exciting. With this recipe you can draw on Greek cooking to whip up a great new braai experience.