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Microzap uses microwave technology to keep bread fresh for two months, no mould!

No more mouldy bread according to US firm MicroZap which claims to have found a solution to keeping bread mould free for up two months.

The company claims to have developed a micro-wave technique which sterilised pathogens in food without actually cooking it.

The method can be used not just for bread but for a wide range of food products including poultry, fruit and vegetables which are subjected to pulsed microwaves that pasteurise the food at low temperatures without damaging or changing the quality.

When using bread as an example the treated bread was shown to have the same quality and freshness as one that was recently made.

The company does admit though that it might be difficult to convince consumers of the benefits of long life bread saying, “We’ll have to get some consumer acceptance of that. Most people do it by feel and if you still have that quality feel, they probably will accept it.”

This technology will have a massive positive impact on food waste despite some objections to it by some no doubt.

What are your thoughts, good thing or bad thing?

Via Mail Online

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