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MasterChef Episode Three | The Verdict, Sarel Loots

Sarel Loots makes it into the next round of MasterChef SA despite his chocolate sauce


“I hope that you haven’t used milk chocolate in that sauce!”

Those words struck fear and panic into the heart of the pastor from Sabie as Andrew Atkinson gave him the dirtiest look he could muster. Sarel Loots had prepared a fillet stuffed with rosemary, garlic and pepperdews for the judges with a chocolate & Amarula sauce as an accompaniment.

“It’s all about the taste and the flavour” he had said confidently while braaing his dish. “The braai is just another way of cooking. It’s an outdoor stove”.

His confidence was shattered when Andrew confronted him, first over the chocolate mint and then the chocolate sauce which he said was awful. Sarel had made his chocolate sauce using milk instead of dark chocolate and potentially devastating consequences were looming

As it turns out the judges decided to look past his chocolate indiscretions and sent him on to the next round. Benny Masekwameng in particular said his intentions were good and for him it worked.

We wonder if there was any dark chocolate in the pantry at all?

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