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Manisha Naidu complicates life with too many components and departs MasterChef SA

Manisha Naidu chose a complex dish which led to too many errors. Of the three options available Manisha chose to go with the Quail and braised fennel with porcini, liquorice root purée and liquorice glaze, from Chef Margot Janse’s menu. The Top Three had been treated to a special three-course menu by Margot Janse at…

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Manisha Naidu keeps the family’s happy with a Poached Pear dessert

In an emotional episode for the contestants they are reunited with loved ones for the Dessert Mystery Box Challenge. While her main rival for the title Deena Naidoo won the challenge with a craftily chosen Chocolate Fondant, Manisha did enough to stay in the competition with her Poached pear with Amarula custard and chocolate sauce.…

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Manisha Naidu Wins the MasterChef SA Boerewors Invention Test

Andrew Atkinson praises Manisha Naidu for her Boerewors Recipe and her confidence grows in the MasterChef SA kitchen. She easily won the Boerewors Invention Test with her Boerewors and butternut with mash, onions, peppadew sauce and beet salad and will be a Captain once again in epsiode fifteens team challenge. For the full recipe go to…

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MasterChef SA Recipe Video | Manisha Naidu | Curried Prawns

Manisha flops in the taste test but does enough with her curry not to bother the judges. It was a quiet episode from Manisha Naidu after her dramatic episode five and four performances. We are quite sure she was relieved to get through without making too much of a scene. For the full recipe go…

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Manisha Naidu | MasterChef SA | Video Profile

Manisha Naidu is 29 years old, lives in Sandton and is a housewife. Manisha Naidu loves cooking so much that she cut her honeymoon short to be part of the show! She is a keen learner and is overjoyed at having made the Top 18. Manisha loves eating and art, and cooking combines both. She…