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Khaya Silingile storms the Bastille, sending the Cape Cabal to face the guillotine!

Khaya Silingile blows the judges away with her Chicken Ballotine recipe, with turned vegetables and mash.

In a move that took everybody by surprise, Khaya Silingile stormed to the front of the class with a stunning French Chicken Ballotine recipe.

You could see it was going to be perfect as Andrew Atkinson’s knife sliced through the breast without a hint of resistance as it opened up for him.

Khaya was delighted at getting France and steaming for her Around the World Invention test, she even managed a couple of words in French.

It was this positive energy with which she tackled the task at hand which saw her come through with flying colours.

When she told MasterChef Judge Pete Goffe-Wood what she was making he could not resist a wry smile indicating that he was looking forward to her dish and had confidence in her ability to pull it off.

When it came to the taste test Pete Goffe-Wood’s words were “that’s a dish worthy of Paris”.

Khaya has never been a first choice pick when it comes to the team selections so to see her step up to the plate in a similar fashion to what Lungile Nhlanhla did with her pork tails adds a more competitive edge to the competition.

Last week, in episode eight, the pair made it through the taste test with ease and the bond that was forming between them was evident as they gave each other a hug at one end of the kitchen while members of the Cape Cabal; Samantha Nolan, Sarel Loots and Guy Clark were high fiving each other at the other end.

Ironically it was those three who suddenly found themselves facing the guillotine and the pressure elimination test along with Jade de Waal in this weeks episode, while Khaya and Lungile watched from the gallery, reminiscent of the days of Robespierre and the French revolution.

As in the heady days of the French Revolution and the Storming of the Bastille, could this be a critical moment in South Africa’s MasterChef kitchen.

It was Guy’s turn to fall (and fail miserably too) while Jade can thank her lucky stars that she is still in the competition and lives to cook another day.

Khaya has never been at risk of leaving the kitchen, always calm and composed, she could well be a dark horse for the title of South Africa’s 1st MasterChef.

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