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Sanet Labuschagne | MasterChef SA Profile


AGE: 46
CITY: Boksburg, JHB
OCCUPATION: Mom, Financial Manager

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Sanet is crazy for food. Now that her kids are grown up, she considers it “her time” and has decided to finally follow her passion for food.

Sanet has a bubbly, big personality and what you see is what you get, with her bright purple hair and flamboyant personality,

Along with that big personality comes confidence which was justified by making it into the Top 16 on MasterChef SA.

I’m confident, I’m confident in my food, I’m confident in my palate, I cook the food that my friends and family love to eat.

For the hot audition she made a chicken breast fillet cooked in a port and porcini sauce served on a risotto.


She hoped the judges would see her personality in the dish, “the sauce is bold and brash and in your face”.

I’m a Mom and I’m loveable and I’m kind and I’m friendly and I’m actually quite a darling. That’s what my food is about.

Sanet views MasterChef SA as something she had to do, it is her time and place, she has devoted 24 years to her family and now it’s her time. This is something that will no doubt resonate with many viewers and bound to make her a firm favourite.

Her hair colour has drawn quite a lot of attention but this in not something that she has done especially for the show, it has been that colour for over a year, it is the colour of her birthstone, the colour of royalty and the colour of luck.


Despite all the confidence Sanet shed a little tear while Andrew was tasting her food but this was driven by the overwhelming pressure and her drive to succeed.

When Andrew asked why she was crying Sanet said;

Its just emotion, I think its the whole day and having my food judged. I know its good, I know I’m a good cook, I know it’s a good dish.
It’s just having it right on the day, just everything right on this…

Andrew asked if she wants this badly?

Oh my goodness, ja.

Pete said there was enough skill there for him to want to see more, Benny played it out with a sigh saying it’s a very flavourful dish that said a lot about her and it’s a big yes.

With that she was through to boot camp.


Sanet proved to herself that she is more than “just a home cook” when she excelled in the Big breakfast challenge, and ultimately made it into the Top 16.

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