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Thys Hattingh MasterChef SA departure, a bit of a damp squid

Thys Hattingh simply fades away on episode thirteen of MasterChef SA

It was a rather odd episode when one looks at the way that Thys Hattingh left the MasterChef kitchen.

There did not appear to be to much drama when compared to last weeks mousse trap with Thys, this time falling for the smoke trap.

He found himself in another elimination pressure challenge after failing in the spice identification test along with Deena. Neither of them able to identify a clove in its natural form.

masterchef-sa-ep-13-thys-hattinghThys Hattingh seems to know that his time on MasterChef SA is over

The challenge was to replicate a Lightly Smoked Swordfish Belly with Palm Heart and Papaya Salad, Crispy Seaweed and Squid Ink Aioli recipe by Chef Jussi Husa.

A meal which I might add looked very unappetising served covered with a cheap glass bowl sealing in the smoke from the smoking process.

To add further distaste it was a swordfish ‘belly’ and then, rubbing salt into the wound, it was served with a squid ink aioli.

Of all the wonderful food and flavours to be found in Zanzibar they pretty much came left with this one.

Perhaps this is why Thys looked disinterested and was not paying too mush attention to preparing his fish, popping it into the smoker before it had begun to smoke resulting in his fish being way overcooked and too much smoke.

He struggled when trying to julienne the papaya, which is something we’d expect Thys to do easily knowing about his fondness for fruit and desserts.

It all ended on a low note with Thys being a popular contestant among the viewers and certainly not expected to leave the MasterChef SA kitchen just yet.

Andrew Atkinson continued his search for a half decent superlative saying “you are a marvellous chef., the compassion and the warmth that you have inside you is burning gold. You are rich and you must keep this dream going”.

Thys kept his parting words simple saying, “thank you so much for everything it was really an honour:.

“This was the best thing that has happened to me and my family”.

“I am so glad that I had a chance to take part in this”.

And with that it was all over., a bit of a damp squid really.

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