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Team ‘Green Okes’ Profile | Ultimate Braai Master

Tshepo Nkosi and Modise Khoabane of Team ‘Green Okes’ won the award for ‘Best Original Team’ at the Sun City Ultimate Braai Master audition.

Braai Master Tshepo Nkosi and his Braai Buddy Modise Khoabane have been friends for seven years.

There was no doubt in their minds that they would not make it to the final fifteen of Ultimate Braai Master.

They said that their audition was solid and winning the award for ‘Best Original Team’ pretty much confirmed that they would make it through.

They do know however that there is a very strong field out there and they will not be underestimating any of the competition.

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ultimate-braai-master-green-okes-tshepo-nkosi-modise-khoabaneUltimate Braai Master contenders Braai Master Tshepo Nkosi and his Braai Buddy, Modise Khoabane.

ultimate-braai-master-green-okes-yellowtail-wrappedIt appears that Tshepo was being quite literal when he said they will bring a green slant to braaing.

Tshepo says that they “bring a green slant to braaing”.

We are not sure what that means but wonder if it has anything to do with ‘The Stoned Olives’ or simply braaing with green leaves wrapped around their food.

He went on to say that they have “been talking about starting a social movement, getting young people to look at different opportunities, not only in the country but on the continent.”

He says, “It’s about giving back and paying forward.”

ultimate-braai-master-green-okes-yellowtail-preppedPrepping the Yellowtail, stuffed with citrus and a feta crumbed crust

When it comes to the braai Tshepo likes to challenge himself.

“I like to try my skills on the braai, I always challenge myself and I get compliments all the time so I thought why not?”

“Share my secrets with the rest of the country.”

The first secret he shared is how he prepares a Yellowtail, crusted with feta and stuffed with citrus fruit.

It’s wrapped up in leaves as it cooks on the braai and most likely a trademark style of braaing and the reason for the name, ‘Green Okes’.

ultimate-braai-master-green-okes-yellowtail-servedThe Yellowtail that helped ‘Green Okes’ win the title of ‘Best Original Team’ at the Sun City Ultimate Braai Master auditions.

Braai Master, Tshepo sounds like he will be the mischievous one on the show.

He said of the partnership, “it’s a match made in heaven.”

“I cook and he eats all the crap that I cook.”

Giving a warning as to what we can expect from him during the show he finished off saying, “there’s more to me than meets the eye.”

No Facebook or Twitter page yet…come on ‘Okes’ sort it out…

It’s paperless!

The UBM bio says that If Tshepo and Modise win the title, the car and the cash, they’re starting an organic farm.

So the name ‘Green Okes’ has nothing to do with ‘The Stoned Olives’ or wrapping their food up in green leave… it really is about going green.

When asked what the hardest thing to braai was they replied, “politicians, because they‘re so hard to clean”.

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