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Miserable Mmutsi Maseko finally gets to go home as MasterChef SA heats up

Mmutsi Maseko’s time on MasterChef SA finally ended in episode seven of the competition, leaving no one surprised or disappointed. It appears as though it was a tough few weeks for the stay at home Mom from Johannesburg. As each episode came and went the viewers had to deal with a miserable Mmutsi as she…

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MasterChef SA Episode Five | The Pressure Test

Manisha Naidu falls short when it comes to making the tough decisions on MasterChef SA Aftter the blue team, led by Manisha Naidu lost the team challenge they had to face the pressure test. The Judges however decided that only three would participate and it was up to Manisha to decide who was going fight…

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Mmutsi Maseko | MasterChef SA | Video Profile

Mmutsi Maseko is 34 years old and is a stay at home Mom from Johannesburg. Mmutsi Maseko is a stay-at-home mom to two children and her love for her kids and food makes her happy. She is very passionate and looks forward to the opportunity to sharpen her skills and learn from the Judges on…