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Smoked Pork Chops Braai Recipe | Ina Paarman

A very easy Smoked Pork Chops Recipe from Ina Paarman. First up you can do this for practically any meat that you are braaing, be it lamb or beef. You can also play with the herbs that you use for the smoking process. You will need a Loin Rack to keep the meat of the…

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It’s Sussex month at the Local Grill

Every month the Local Grill in Parktown North features a particular breed of beef on it’s menu. The restaurant has not been named the Wolftrap Championship Steakhouse 2013 without reason and one of those is the way it goes about offering its customers something different on its menu. The month of October will feature the…

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Bra Wor sets new Guinness World Record for the longest continuous braai

In what’s looking like a South African Heritage Day tradition a new Guinness World record was set by Sekhabile Lekgoate aka Bra Wor in Johannesburg on the 24th September 2013. The previous record of 62 hours, 6 minutes and 16 seconds had been set by Braai Boy in 2012 and while some including me expected…