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It’s Sussex month at the Local Grill

Every month the Local Grill in Parktown North features a particular breed of beef on it’s menu.

The restaurant has not been named the Wolftrap Championship Steakhouse 2013 without reason and one of those is the way it goes about offering its customers something different on its menu.

The month of October will feature the Sussex breed with cuts available in sirloin, rump and the king of cuts, rib-eye.


A Sussex bull

The Sussex breed is one of the oldest and purest breeds of English cattle.

The Normans found them in the south of England after the 1066 conquest of the island nation.

The breed was considered to be a descendant of the medium sized horn Red cattle the Romans found in the south of England 1000 years earlier.

Sussex cattle were bred pure for centuries until about 1800 when serious breed improvement caught on in England.

Up until then, Sussex cattle had been bred and developed on the poor, infertile clay soils and pastures of Sussex, Kent, Hampshire and Surrey.

At the age of three, they were broken to the yoke and used as draught animals until six or seven years of age before being fattened for the butcher.


Sussex females

The breed was first imported into South Africa during the early 1900′s, 20 Sussex cows were imported in 1903 and again in 1909 and by the year 1920, 82 Sussex bulls had been sold to farmers.

The Sussex breed possesses several desirable characteristics, three of which form the basis of it’s success as a breed; its size, hardiness and an abundance of milk.

Each breed has different flavour and texture profiles across all of its cuts, if you’d like to find one that perks your taste buds head down to the Local Grill in Parktown North.

If you’d like to discover more about the Sussex breed in South Africa visit

Images Sussex Cattle Breeders Society

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