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Shock eliminations as the Braaight Brothers and Huiskombuis Boys get shovelled out.

The third instalment of Ultimate Braai Master served up the most shocking eliminations yet as The Braaight Brothers and Huiskombuis Boys found themselves in an elimination round and then on the way home.

The two teams had impressed the judges at each stage of the competition so far and seemed destined for the top six.

Instead they found themselves floundering on the shores of Jozini Dam, on the border of South Africa and Swaziland, as the brutal nature of this years Ultimate Braai Master continued.

The challenge started with the braai teams being split up into six groups of two with Justin Bonello dictating who was to be paired up with each other.

Huiskombuis Boys found themselves partnered with Kasi Guys, who had competed in the episode two elimination round and survived, while The Braaight Brothers were paired with the Boerie Brothers who had fought for survival in both the previous episodes elimination rounds.

The challenge began with two from each team heading out on to the dam to go tiger fishing with penalties incurred for those teams that did not catch any tiger fish.

Those that did would only have to cook three dishes in the allotted time while those who did not would have to cook four dishes.

The fishing was a breeze for The Braaight Boerie Brothers, with Daniel and Matt representing the team out on Jozini dam, catching the first fish of the day with some help from Jonno Proudfoot according to the Coal Play braai buddy.


Back on shore they were given the task which was to prepare three dishes using Barbel or Tipalia, both fresh water fish.

They had a choice of fish pie, whole fish, fish cakes or fish pate, those teams that hadn’t caught a tiger fish had to prepare all four.

The Boerie Braaight Brothers got of to a good start impressing Bertus Basson with their organization but it all fell apart when it came to tasting their food.

Kasi Guys were not as confident about their meal with Martin admitting that they’d had some setbacks with the fish and the fish pie, they were correct as the judges picked them as one of the worse teams of the day.

It was the merger of Coal Play and Sumting Fresh that produced the most outstanding braai of the round.


The elimination challenge was to prepare breakfast on a spade which was to be their grid, their pan and plate, everything they cooked had to be cooked and served on the spade and they had 45 minutes in which to finish the challenge.

The key to this challenge according to Justin Bonello was;

If they just understand that it’s no different to a pan or a griddle they’ll get it right.



The Braaight Brothers got Bertus Basson all excited when they told him they were doing a cannelini bean and sausage casserole, he likes a one pot breakfast.

But when it came to delivering it all tasted like boerewors.


Bertus was dismissive of Kasi Guys who opted for a mixed grill with candied bacon;

They’ve given us big talk before but no delivery before so I hope today they deliver on what they promise.

Deliver they did with Bertus satisfied saying;

I could eat more of that.


Huiskombuis Boys entered the fray with a tin cup omelette with mushroom and a meat kebab which impressed the judges until they tasted it.

Marthinus Ferreira sighed;

Oh dear, I think we’ve got a bit of a problem… raw sausage.

They liked the idea but it was poorly executed.


Boerie Brothers wanted to keep it simple and stuck to what they knew, serving up a French toast mixed grill.

Bertus liked the visual flavour and it seemed to taste as good too.


The judges were comfortable they knew who the worst team was but finding a second to go out with them took some deliberation.

Justin Bonello wasted no time in handing out the bad news to the Braaight Brothers who always gave the impression they would go far in the competition.

Kasi Guys produced the best spade breakfast of the morning and they were safe along with the Boerie Brothers who had now survived their third elimination challenge in a row.

It was Huiskombuis Boys, who served raw sausage and raw steak to the judges, who made a surprise exit along with The Braaight Brothers.

There was still time for a couple of MasterChef SA moments on Ultimate Braai Master as Tomas Cunnama and Rudy Gibbons were reduced to tears with Rudy having the final say;

sniff….sniff… raw sausage… sniff…

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