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Team Spectacular are in it to win it reeling in the biggest fish of the day

Team Spectacular showed in episode two that they have one goal, to win Ultimate Braai Master.

Braai Master, Nonkululeko Zondo, returned from the mornings fishing with the biggest catch of the day earning Team Spectacular direct passage through to the next round.

It was an exhilarating experience for the girl from Johannesburg who had never fished before.

Team Spectacular are, in some ways, reminiscent of last years Gal Power for whom every round brought with it something new and they tackle it with the same optimism and vigour.


Nono’s determination shone through when she requested they be allowed to cook the fish in a competitive environment.

Every second on the braai counts, everything that you learn, especially when working with ingredients you may not have cooked with before, will be of use to you later in the competition.



Without any risk of elimination they served up a meal to be proud of.

Bertus Basson rightly said;

You know what I’m really enjoying is very rapid skills development.
You know, they listen, they take it in and they make it their own.
It’s really cool to see.


They’re an absolute delight to watch, always smiling and always bringing a simmering energy to what they do.

Long may they survive Ultimate Braai Master.

Images courtesy Ultimate Braai Master

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