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Miserable Mmutsi Maseko finally gets to go home as MasterChef SA heats up

Mmutsi Maseko’s time on MasterChef SA finally ended in episode seven of the competition, leaving no one surprised or disappointed.

It appears as though it was a tough few weeks for the stay at home Mom from Johannesburg. As each episode came and went the viewers had to deal with a miserable Mmutsi as she moaned about each task and how she was not sure how she was going to do it. It never once looked as though she was enjoying her time in the MasterChef kitchen as the camera took us from one long face to another.

She was constantly cooking at the wrong end of the kitchen table and either found herself facing pressure challenges or being the last to be picked in the team challenges. In the episode four childhood memory dish Mmutsi was one of the five singled out by the judges as not being good enough but did enough with her koeksister recipe to see Fortune Kanguuhi and Charles Canning leave before her. In the episode five Harvest Challenge she made it on to the blue team just ahead of Babalwa Baartman and Khaya Silingile only to find herself picked out by team captain Manisha Naidu as an under performer. Facing another pressure challenge, this time with Coco Reinharz’s Fusion Lamb recipe, Mmutsi pulled another rabbit out of the hat surviving to cook another day. This after moaning about how she does not know how to cook meat medium because she always kills it.

That only meant South Africa was to be dished up another plate of Mmutsi misery as she so rightly pointed out after being last pick on the SAS Amatola team challenge that “It means that the others have no confidence in my cooking skills”. Having not displayed any confidence in her own ability over the past few episodes how on earth did she expect others too.

The only thing we were ever guaranteed from Mmutsi was that she would face each challenge with confidence of a field mouse at Puss in Boot’s birthday party, fearing that every moment would be her last.

With only a few remaining hangers on remaining in the competition the show is beginning to heat up. There have been no shock exits yet but we are not too far away from seeing the first major casualty. Sue-Ann Allen, despite being a first call pick in the team challenges has found herself in the bottom three on two occasion and a third could well see her heading for the door.

Who do you think will be the first shock exit?



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Miserable Mmutsi Maseko finally gets to go home as MasterChef SA heats up, 4.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating

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