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Ultimate Braai Master

Gal Power the BIG Winners on Ultimate Braai Master

The sisters, Sindi and Lethu, from Soweto were the big winners on the first season of Ultimate Braai Master.

They entered the competition with plenty of natural talent and very little experience in cooking many of the ingredients that they would have to deal with during the course of the competition.

Most importantly they had the right attitude with a never say die approach.

It did not take long for viewers to realise that Gal Power were in the competition to win it when in episode two they faced an elimination challenge which required them to pick and cook mussels, something they had never done or seen before, never mind cooked!


Sindi encounters a crayfish for the first time.

They won the elimination round beating competitors with far more ‘mussel’ knowledge than they ever had!

From there the girls went from strength to strength improving with every episode making it all the way to the top 5 beating many a title contender along the way.

They described the competition as a competitive environment but they made friends and are sort of a family.

But when it comes to challenge there’s no family

Sindi said they learnt a lot about themselves with patience being one of the biggest things that she learnt.

Judge Marthinus Ferreira loved them, often commenting on the ‘gees’ they brought to the show.

The sisters entered Ultimate Braai Master with a catering business and now set their business empire goals a little broader with a seafood restaurant in Soweto on their list of things to do.

With Season 2 of Ultimate Braai Master open for entries they are hoping that more women will enter the competition next year!

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